Polish History

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Dr. Piotr Przybylski, 1st Vice President of PACT, shares three Polish history lectures which he presented to the students of the John Paul II Institute of the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas USA in April 2020. The lectures describe the military conflicts of Poland with neighboring empires and show Polish contribution in the creation, support, and development of the United States of America. They encompass the period from the 1st Commonwealth in the early 17th century, through Polish fight on independence during its 19th-century partitions and the 20th-century world wars to the fall of communism and 1st democratic elections in 1989. The last part, co-led by Prof. John Hittinger, Director of the John Paul II Institute, presents the philosophy of Karol Wojtyla and his influence on ending the Cold War when he was Pope John Paul II.

Enjoy these virtual flip-books of all the slides from Dr. Przybylski’s lecture.

Below are the full-length videos of Dr. Przybylski’s lectures.
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